Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Pictures and It's Only Wednesday?!?!

I'm so far ahead of the game! Nothing really thrilling here, but it is a tiny taste of my week.
This is my welcome mat. And my footprints on it. Mostly, I just liked how the show was making a gradient. And I wish I could've zoomed out a little, but I was using a prime lens (for you non-geeks out there, that's one that doesn't zoom), and I didn't want to run back up the stairs and get a different one. What can I say? I had just worked all day and I was feeling lazy. One trip up the stairs for the camera was already an exhausting effort. And then I followed it up with a nap. Seriously. :)

And this is my new filing system, which I set up on Sunday. Can I just say, after working at an engineering firm with a wall full of files (and a basement full of archived files), and at a law firm with a separate entire suite for files, this made me laugh, and kind of say, "Awww, how sweet," in a totally condescending tone to myself.

In all seriousness, it is so awesome to actually NEED a filing system. As I'm trying to get my business up and off the ground, visible markers of progress are a huge source of encouragement. And I was surprised to find that I maybe shouldn't have bought the smallest file box I could find. Plus, it's just really nice to know how to do this stuff, and it makes me feel like all these hours behind a desk have paid off in some small way. Also encouraging.


James M said...

for small business!

Also, the footprints pic had some kind of ethereal, haunting quality to it. I think the subject matter is what caused it - but it was my gut reaction. said...

ahh filing ... that photo almost made me want to get organized :o)

good job at working hard. you get that business up and off the ground!

design for mankind. said...

OOoh, where's this box from? I love it!