Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hey, did you guys know that May is National Photograph Month? Yeah, pretty cool! So I thought that perhaps in honor of this momentous occasion, I should show you my latest, favoritest photo! Here it is, in all its glory--the Indianapolis skyline!

Yeah, I said it. I'm in love with my own picture! But isn't that really the entire point of being a photographer? I think so.

Now here comes the part where we discuss. First of all, I did not do anything to this picture except color and contrast adjustments in camera raw. Nothing was added or taken away, and those are the way the clouds really turned out (although they aren't that neat in the SOOC shot--that's straight-out-of-camera for the non-nerds among us). Billy commented that it looked more like an illustration than a photo almost, and while I totally agree, I'm not handy enough in Photoshop to whip something like that up from scratch. And when Dan (of Nicole & Dan) thought it was cool, that's when I knew that I was The Big Boss Applesauce, as they say. I actually took this picture in hopes of somewhat matching my Chicago picture that some of you may recall, but this one turned out so much better that I think Chicago is going to need a re-do.

Where did I shoot this beauty from, you might be wondering? The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Sarah and Corey (who I have mentioned before and who you still haven't "met") took me there for their engagement pictures. I love that I got such a clear shot of the city from such an iconic place, and I also love that when all is said and done, the skyline looks black and the Dome looks bright white. It's not going to be there much longer, but it'll be special and live forever in this picture. And our hearts. (Do you see it there? Toward the right?)

Also, whoa, sorry about the massive plunge into cheese there. I sometimes can't help myself.

Anyway, I'm headed to New York on Friday morning and will be there through Wednesday, and since I'm not sure what internet access will look like, I'm going to try to post Sarah & Corey's engagement session before then. That's my goal for the week! Will I make it??? Cliffhanger!


j.ro said...

that is a great photo sarah! are you going to take one of NY's too?

Beth said...

I love the photo! I'm glad you're in love with something you took. :)