Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They "wanna rock and roll all night, and part of every day."

I know, that's not how it goes, but I loved that scene in Role Models where Paul Rudd says it, and it's so fitting for The Relics, Evansville's Premiere Old Man Band. Not my words! I think that was the drummer's idea, if I recall, but I could be wrong.

At any rate, Billy's dad plays in this band and they do classic rock covers and are generally pretty awesome. The lead singer sounds very much like (and looks a lot like, in some ways) Kid Rock, and we all know how much I love Kid Rock, especially since Joe Dirt.

Anyway, these guys are in high demand lately and the Evansville News 4U is doing a story on them, which I didn't find out until I got there. Billy's dad had asked me to bring my camera when we visited, and I thought he just wanted some pics for Facebook or something, but it turns out they wanted pictures to go with that story. Yikes! It was DEFINITELY challenging, but in a totally good way--it's really good and important to stretch your photography and creativity muscles in different ways occasionally, and I enjoyed this.

I've been exceptionally busy lately (it's always feast or famine around here, I tell ya), so just a few pics of the highlights of the show. I know it's been a little sparse around here, but the last session I edited was a boudoir that was understandably kept private. But I promise you it was gorgeous. But there's lots coming, and for now, feast your eyes on all THIS gorgeousness!


Alright, now I loved this one. Billy's dad (also a Bill) is in the middle, and he's not really that short, he's just bent over or bending his knees or something. Brian is the lead singer, to the right in the photo, and I'm not sure of the bassist's name, but he's on the left and he was really entertaining. SUCH a bassist, and I know that all of you who either play bass or know someone who does or really enjoy concerts know what I'm talking about. The band has had a bit of shuffling around with their bassist and this guy was filling in--I haven't seen the regular one yet but I'm sure he's good too.


Cracked me up.


Now this ... is Joe. Joe Baby to some. And he is a CHARACTER. And you know I love me some characters. At any rate, he loves spinning his drum sticks (and he's good at it! I'd poke an eye out--mine or someone else's), and I was SO excited to get this shot. It's PERFECT Joe.


This picture is dark, but cool. And I'm sure with how dark it is, it'll show up differently in everyone's monitor. On mine, the focus is obviously on Brian, but you can see bits and pieces of what's going on to the sides. I just think it looks like a concert, and awesome.


This is Mac, who plays keyboard, guitar, and harmonica (and maybe other stuff I don't know about, but that's just what I saw at the show), and he can sing the hell out of some country songs too. He's very, very talented, and hates having his picture taken or people looking at him. I pointed out that most people don't join a band to be "not looked at", and he said he likes the music stuff but the being on stage takes some getting used to. Seriously though, you'd NEVER know it. However, he did keep himself shrouded in darkness, much to the chagrin of his friendly neighborhood photographer. Nonetheless, I got some good shots of him, including this one of him smoking. I did my level best to get shots of all the guys smoking on stage since it's so them ... Brian and Joe eluded me, but there are some of Bill smoking and playing guitar where Billy thinks he looks like Keith Richards minus heroin, so that's cool.

(I feel like I should say that I am not personally a smoker, in case anyone wouldn't want to hire someone who is. And also, in case any of you kids are reading this, smoking is bad! But if you're a rocker, smoking is probably the least of your concerns so carry on.)


Okay, now I love this picture of Brian. I know it's a little out of focus but it's so awesome that it needs to be shared. It LOOKS like rock 'n' roll, and I love it.


Whoa, speaking of looking rock 'n' roll!


I really loved this picture ... the tones are good and I think it has a really great mood, and I don't know if it's the glasses or the acoustic guitar or what, but it just puts off a different vibe than some of the other shots. Very cool.


Another really great shot--Bill was definitely in the best light. Anyone want to take a stab at who set up the lighting? :) I kid--it wasn't on purpose, I think he just happened to have the blue light pointed his way, and it was a little easier for me to tweak than some of the others, like red or green. But it definitely made for some cool pictures. And I loved how when he saw this one in the camera, he was like ... "This one isn't awful." I just laughed because I knew it was a compliment because that is EXACTLY how Billy comments on pictures of himself. He never just likes it, or thinks it's good, it's always, "I don't hate that one," and then it's like a compliment on par with, "This is the greatest thing I've ever seen and I must nominate you for awards and sing your praises from a mountain" or something. You've gotta take what you can get! :)


Bill kept calling this "the evil picture" and I suppose, especially with the green backlighting, but I really liked it and thought it looked cool. The coloring was tough, but it really lost something in black and white. I might keep playing with it a bit.


And finally, I loved this shot of Mac and the bassist. In fact, I told Bill that it would really be good for me if they could let this guy into the band because I like this shot of him lighting a cigarette and if he sticks around, the picture can stay.

Alright, that wraps us up for now. What do you guys think? Suggestions for improvements that can be made? This was my first concert shoot, so I'm totally open to ideas, especially if anyone has experience. But it was really fun and I think they have some fun stuff for their facebook pages if nothing else, right? :)

There should be more stuff coming up soon--I'm hoping by the end of the week, so come back and visit soon!


Gail said...

Ahhhh - looks like you guys had a great time!!! That black and white of Joe? PERFECTION! like, it looks like he's been opening for Skynrd for years!!! (I spelled that wrong didn't I?)

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