Thursday, July 31, 2008

Change in plans

Well, as I think most of you know, this is my first good and truly RIDICULOUSLY busy year. Which, of course, is awesome. But, like I've said before, that does mean that there are some growing pains, and I am still sometimes figuring out how to make things flow a little better.

The way that I've been doing things is to wait until every last thing is finished and then do a blog post about it and include a link to the gallery. But I know people are excited to see their pictures, so what I'm going to start doing is a tiny little preview of the sessions--maybe like one picture of portrait sessions, three or so of weddings, and then when I get everything good and finished, do a full blog post with a gallery link.

In case you're wondering when I'm going to start all this, the answer is ... when I get done with what I'm currently working on, which is Kelly and Andrew's wedding. I'm really anxious to work through their pictures and get them to them, so that's going to be first priority. After that, I'm going to take a few days to make little previews and post them up of all the things that are in queue to be edited. In order, those will be:

Kristin & Justin's engagement session
Sharon's senior pictures
Mindy & Chris' wedding
Lacey & Branson's wedding
Rachel & fiance (can't wait to meet him!)'s engagement session
Harris family portraits
Sarah & Corey's wedding
Carrie & Mike's engagement session

Thank you guys so much for all your patience!

Now, because blog posts without pictures are totally boring, which everyone knows, I am going to post a little something up from Kelly and Andrew's wedding:


I LOVE this picture. The light is so dramatic, and Kelly was an incredibly gorgeous bride. But for whatever reason, this picture was just not working for me in color, and black and white was a little blah on this one, so I colorized it. Purple was her wedding color and I liked the effect, so that was what I went with. :) And look at those eyelashes!

Anyway, that should bring you all up to date with how I'm going to do the blog, and I think it'll be a change for the better! More pictures is always a good thing, right? :)


Gail said...

Love it Sarah! So artistic and moody! Can't wait to see the rest!

West Park Photo said...

Yay for being so busy! I hope I am in your shoes next year!