Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Busy Commentin', or Get Busy Dyin'

SERIOUS BUSINESS ALERT! Do you guys remember when I did my blog extravaganza of like 5000 engagement sessions in a row? It was totally awesome.

And yet ... there was a casualty of the blog extravaganza, and it was Kristin and Justin. Everyone had done so good on commenting on all the posts leading up to them that I think by the time I got to theirs at the end of that stretch, everyone was worn out on commenting. Kristin sent me an e-mail saying that they would make sure that their wedding was entertaining/awesome enough to inspire at least one comment. I told her I didn't think that was the problem, because you may remember them as the couple with the two incredible cute dogs, Penny and Mr. Mophead.

So seriously, you guys. This is my last wedding to blog from 2008, and I need for it to go out with a bang, and I need these two to feel the comment love. So feel free to comment on this one, but really save it up for their full post (as opposed to this here sneak peek), and even if you are usually a silent stalker or feel like you don't have anything new or different to add, don't let it stop you. If you just want to say, "OOOOOHHHH PRETTY!" that totally counts and I will love you forever. So get pumped. The full post should be upon us next week.

Meanwhile ...


I find that I enjoy the sneak peeks for showing off group shots, maybe because I'm not so much in storytelling mode for the previews and the group shots, while very fun, don't require much commentary. :) Although I will say that this was a lovely church with huge windows, and I love the discovery of split toning, in case it doesn't show.


This is Justin and the groomsmen (sounds like a band). I'll let you figure out which one is Justin.


And this is Kristin, and she's so beautiful AND cute, and I loved her extremely classy use of pink here in the bouquet and with the ribbon around her waist. As I myself have done things such as beg my landlord for his old pink tinsel Christmas tree, bought a roommate a hot pink fishnet SHIRT (yeah, not a typo), and owned countless, and I mean COUNTLESS, Lisa Frank products (my favorite of course being the "Check Him Out" folder my senior year of high school), I have great appreciation for someone who can use pink with restraint and to such magificent effect. :)

Like I said ... full post next week! Get those commentin' fingers ready!


Ahow said...

Don't lie. You still haul around that "Check him out" folder...

Gail said...

These are awesome Sarah! And I especially love the second one. After a season of weddings, to still find a "fresh" pose for the groomsmen...well, hats off to you! :)

The Way EYE See It... said...

I like the pillar and guys really represented something "solid" and "stand-up" to me. Good use of imagery.

I was also intrigued by the architecture (the church) and the dramatic staging of the couples.

Pretty bride and great commentary on her use of pink.

Was that the pink fishnet you bought at the good Goodwill in Castleton? When we then went to dinner at that Chinese buffet (which I thought was a little pricy until I realized that it was high-class, big-city buffet and not the stuff I am used too? Or was THAT fishnet shirt black? I also remember a shirt with camels, perhaps? Does any of this ring a bell?

I just realized that I am a better commenter (most of the time) than I am an e-mail responder. :( Don't take me off your top friends list! (If you have, may I pleeeeeeeease get back on?)

Lynn said...

I will reserve my excitement for the full post.....

Kidding! I love these. Your posed formals rocks! Great job with the processing too. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

Oh, and we just posted our last wedding of the year...hint, hint. :P