Monday, March 30, 2009

Future Superstar Kristin's Headshots!

You guys, Kristin is like ... the coolest. Ever. And we met in the most entirely ridiculous way.

I subscribe to a couple of feeds on Craigslist that post creative jobs, so that I know when someone is looking for a photographer and I can get in touch with them. People on Craigslist can be kind of touchy if they feel like people aren't paying what the job is worth, and I totally get that, but I also try to keep in mind that different people have different needs and different budgets, and in general, I'm not one of those "reply posters".

Except for this one day.

Someone had posted some really rude post about how he needed headshots but how headshot photographers were too expensive, but he would buy someone lunch to do it. WHAT?!?! And the whole thing was just so snotty and rude that I couldn't handle it. So I uncharacteristically made a reply post and it's possible that I called him a turd. And by possible, I mean ... I totally did.

So anyway, Kristin sees this and sends me an e-mail and is like, "Yes, I totally agree, and I need some headshots, so what do you say?" And naturally, I was all over it. I told her later how amused I was that she responded to me in smackdown mode, and after I called some kid a turd, and she said that she could just tell that I meant business. Ha! I love this girl!


Plus, she's totally gorgeous and photogenic!

I was letting her flip through the pictures on my camera when we were in the car, and she stopped on this and was like, "THIS IS MY HEADSHOT." I was so excited! I love it when people are happy with their pictures and get something they're truly in loooove with.


I just think this is too cute and I love the headband. We went out to the beach near Rogers Park, and it was still cold so it was fairly deserted, which was awesome. The ice and snow on the lake just made a perfect backdrop. I was BEYOND thrilled to get to shoot at the lake, because I consider a nearby beach one of the great perks of moving here. :)


And a smiling shot! I can't remember if this one was taken at the beach or if we were at the Baha'i temple in Evanston, which has some cool gardens but is really just an amazingly impressive building. I had no idea that something like that existed, so in addition to a photoshoot, I felt like I got a little field trip too!


For these last two, we were in Kristin's apartment, which was like ready-made for some pictures. She had bright paint on the walls (which perfectly coordinated with the outfit, I thought) and north-facing windows. And the camera just loves her.


And finally, this one! Great angle, great light, great model! Kristin was telling me about the kinds of acting opportunities there are in Chicago ... there's theatre, of course, and also a good amount of film, but something I didn't know was that a lot of commercials are shot here. So I'm hoping I get to see her in a national commercial soon! Plus, I graciously offered to let her buy me a car when she hits it big. :)

Thanks again, Kristin, for being so much fun and for finding me in the most unconventional way!


The Way EYE See It... said...

I love that you called someone a turd...totally an SB thing to do (I tell it like it is!)

Great model. Have you done headshots before?

Oh and when she makes it big I hope she buys you a car AND lunch.

Jessie said...

I love the second to last one. The light and color are great. Mental note — call people names in order to get jobs. . . I like it.

lynn said...

She is gorgeous. It looks like you enjoyed this session. We did our first boudoir shoot over the weekend, and it was such a big difference from what we usually shoot and I realized that I LOVE it. I get that same vibe from this shoot - not that it looks like a boudoir, but that it feels different from your other work. Maybe this will develop into your new specialty. :)