Monday, March 23, 2009

Nene's Birthday Party!

So a couple weeks ago, I went out to take pictures at Nene's birthday party. She just turned four and she's so cute--her grandmother (who hired me for the party) is my former boss, and Nene occasionally would come into the office, like on holidays and stuff, and she liked me because I had the most fun stuff in my desk, AND it was on the bottom drawer, right where she could help herself. I mean, we're talking a tea pot (SO cute, it's totally picture-worthy so I should get on that) AND the most incredible Chinese food menu you have ever seen in your life, and I am SO not exaggerating. It is MAGICAL. Fortunately, Nene agreed and now we're BFF.

So I was ultra-thrilled to go to her birthday party, which was at Pump It Up in Elmhurst. I can't post a lot of pictures from it because I didn't get parental permission and I wouldn't feel right about it otherwise, but trust me when I say, these people know how to throw a party for kids. I totally recommend it--they run it like a well-oiled machine. There's no downtime, the kids are free to be loud and run around, and then they go to a room for pizza, cake, and then home for a nap. Because after using that much energy, they do get a little grumpy right at the end--it's perfectly timed. So with that in mind ...


This is gorgeous, cute Nene with her princess birthday cake (and princess shirt--I think she may like princesses). I know, I know, it's a little soft but it was dark, so shut up, and I just want you to see how happy she looks, until ...


HA! OMG, this cracked me up SO SO SO much. I love the look of outrage and the pointing of the finger. Hilarious! She was so distraught because someone helped blow out her candles. It was okay, of course--it's easy to distract a four-year-old at a birthday party, especially when cake is about to be cut. But I just thought this picture was such a riot that I had to share.

Seriously, y'all, this was SO much fun. I had no choice but to get into the bouncy toys to take pictures since the nets were too thick to shoot through. So I got to bounce around a little bit too, like a big old 28-year-old kiddo! It was the best. :)

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The Way EYE See It... said...

What a pretty little girl. AND she has a 'tude that might match yours! ;) haha

In other news: I saw at Navy Pier that a 1 hour architectural boat tour is $28. Not bad methinks.