Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flash's First Trip to the Beach

So this past weekend, we took a trip to the beach and camping (and back to the beach!) for Amy's birthday, which was so fun, and me and Billy brought Flash along. He's never been in the water before (besides bathtime, which he hates), so we weren't sure how it was going to go. But I think he had a lot of fun, and we have some helpful ideas for next time.

It's really hard to take pictures at the beach, you know it? This may come as a shock to you, but the beach is so SANDY. I didn't want it getting into my camera, and I didn't want the camera bumping into my swimsuit and getting all wet. I didn't even bring it down to the beach until the second day we were there, because I just didn't want to mess with it, but then I realized it was Flashy's first beach trip and must be documented.


Y'all, we wore this dog OUT. The look you see here on his face is a much milder version of the "I hate you people and hope you die" look that he gave us all night Sunday. He did a LOT of walking in the sand and up the dunes, and we made him swim too, which he did pick right up but isn't naturally built for. The terriers aren't so much swimmers. But it was VERY hot out, and he liked laying right there in the surf where he could cool off his belly.

Flash later made friends with a little beagle/basset hound mix puppy who didn't want to get in the water. Her tie-out was close enough that she could, but she just wasn't into it. So Flash laid right down in the surf (we think to show off), and she started howling. He turned around to her, all Mr. Cool Guy, like, "What? I thought everyone did this. It's no big deal."


Here's the baby swimming and looking miserable. He was so cute though, and fast! And he got better and better at swimming, even though he always turned straight around and headed for the shore. Next time we bring him, we're going to make it a one day trip so he doesn't get so worn out, and we're going to get him a doggie life jacket. We think that'll make swimming easier and less scary/stressful for him.

That's a little bit of Amy that you see there holding his leash. Flashy LOVES Amy, and with totally good reason. She's like the best doggie aunt he could ever want, because she totally spoils him and takes him outside whenever we have sleepovers, and she plans activities for him in the city, and while we were on the beach, she rigged him a little tent out of a blanket, some bags, a kite (!), and some shoes so that he could get in the shade. She pointed out to him that he could dig in the sand, so he jumped right in and helped her out by digging himself a cool trench in the sand. It was all too cute for words.


And speaking of Flash, and digging, and sand ... You know, I told Flash before we left that this was going to be a fun weekend and he could get as dirty as he wanted, and he took me all the way up on it. This is my sandy puppy, and this is how he got that way:


Oh yeah, really get it worked in there, don't leave one inch of fur uncrusted! (Semi-related, we took Uncrustables with us in the cooler to the beach, and I have to say, they were the perfect beach food. No chance of anything spoiling and making you sick, and you can have PB&J without getting sand in it. There's my hot top of the day.)


And then there was this. Oh yes, that's my little terrier. I think we have some pictures of Flashy doing this exact thing in the snow, too. I believe it was Amy that called him a dog for all seasons, which made me chuckle. He seriously wanted to roll around in as much sand as possible, and he succeeded pretty admirably. He did this EVERY SINGLE TIME he got out of the water. And then he went and laid on our towels. Because that's just the kind of guy he is.


I don't know what it is, but I really like those red tone pictures. I know I might be alone on this, but different strokes, ya know, and it's totally my blog! Get your own! (Seriously, do, and then tell me about it so I can add it to my Google Reader.)


But this one was my "Hello, lover!" pic. You guys, I love the beach. And Lake Michigan isn't an ocean, but for living in the midwest, it's a really close, really good substitute. The water is a little cold, but the sand is pretty soft and the sun shines and it's nice. We couldn't go to one of the busier beaches because we had Flash and dogs aren't allowed there, but they do have areas where you can bring your dog and this is one of them. We actually discovered this little beach last year and it was truly a treasure of a find, completely free with parking and a bathroom, and almost deserted. It was busier this time around, but the weather has been so atrocious that I think we've all had cabin fever and everyone hit the beach at once.


And this is the view from the other side. I loved the foggy day and how it got misty as you got further away on either side, but I also sort of LOVE the smokestacks here. I think it adds a certain something, don't you?

I'm in love with summer. It's major.


nicole green said...

otis and penny are soooo so jealous.

The Way EYE See It... said...

I like that Flash got a doggie vacation. And Ricker got one too - by being ableto be left alone for a few days!

Everyone wins!


sarahbrowndowntown said...

Man, James, you said it. Ricker loves her alone time, and she is who "staycation" was made for!

And Nicole, they could always come next time!!!! :)

lynn said...

Cute! I used to take Abby to the beach in Florida, but it kinda freaked me out because I can't swim and I didn't like having her off leash, because she's totally the type of dog that would jump out of the ocean, run up to a group of fully-clothed strangers and shake all the water from her coat on to them while simultaneously stealing the dad's hot dog. And that's really fun only once

I took her to Lake Huron last summer and she was so happy to have free reign to get dirty....she loves mud.

We were on the Lake MI coast this past weekend too! We had our St. Joseph wedding. We should have planned better and gotten together when we were done.