Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mindy & Chris: Engagement

I have to say, this engagement shoot had the biggest entourage I've had so far! It was really, really fun, though. We had the couple, Mindy & Chris, who we packed up and took to Broad Ripple (where they've never been before! Can you believe it?), Mindy's mom Tammy, the two kiddos, Kendall and Ellee (who slept like a log the ENTIRE time), Billy (to entertain Kendall) and I. Whew! Needless to say, it was a party! But it was a quick party, since it was INSANELY hot, and with two small children ... you've gotta go quick! :)


Okay, now that's Mindy & Chris, and can I just get an amen on how freaking cute these two are? Hello!


This is baby Ellee, and this is her only picture since, like I said, she was passed out the whole time. But she had to get at least one picture of her first big photo shoot, right?


And who is this gorgeous babe? (Get it? Pun!) It's big sister Kendall, and I LOVE this picture. Kendall was a little camera shy all day, but she did agree to let me take this one, since I made a deal with her that if she'd let me take just one, she could go blow bubbles with Billy. What can I say, I know how to negotiate with the almost-three crowd. :)

(Also, notice Kendall and Ellee have on matching dresses? SO CUTE!)


Alright, back to the regularly scheduled hotness. :)


So Chris was a little shy about having his picture taken, which I totally understand since I am really (REALLY) uncomfortable in front of the camera, and we were in a VERY public place, which I'm sure was nerve-wracking, but all I'm saying is that if I were this photogenic, I'd be running up to strangers and demanding that they take my picture. And by the way, people totally do that. I'm never really sure why, since they're never going to actually SEE the picture, but I just realized that maybe it's because they think they're totally hot in pictures. Hmmm.


Alright, so if you've ever been on the Monon, you probably remember that there are a lot of murals along the way. I don't know why this picture cracks me up so much, but like one lone Indian canoeing along behind the kissing couple just makes me laugh. Maybe it's because I have a thing for "one lone Indian"--I always joke that it's the one lone Indian in the family tree that makes me get so tan. (But seriously, it probably is.)


HAPPY FAMILY! I love this picture--everyone looks so happy, and Kendall is chasing bubbles (seriously, I've already said it, but bubbles are like the best $3 a photographer can spend)--so cute!


Oh, this picture? Just BARELY happened. I have such a hard time getting serious pictures because of how hilarious (read: ridiculous) I am. Like I'll tell people to look serious and they will, and then I'll go and ruin it by saying something absurd like, "Just look into the distance and really think about your life!" and it's so stupid that people can't hold in the laughing. I think I have one of Gail laughing at the exact same thing. I need some new material. :)


Okay, finishing out with one of my favorites. We totally plopped down on a bench next to some people enjoying their SnoCones (and yes, I did have one later, and yes, I did take a picture of it, and yes, you probably will see it one of these days) who just had no idea what was happening. I love the weird interactions of photography in public.

Noticing a lot of vertical pictures? It's not an accident! These guys are getting married at the Fountain Square Theater, which I am HUGELY excited about. But they need a few shots to put in the poster holder things (there's gotta be a better word for that), and those are vertical, sooooo .....

You guys, I can't wait to do this wedding! I love the whole family that I've met so far (and I've met more than I usually have at this point!) and I love shooting in Fountain Square, and I know we're going to have a blast!


Gail said...

These shots are so great!! And what a fantastic looking couple! (and cute kids too!) And yes, you do need to work on your lines for those serious poses ;)

BTW: That sno-cone stand you were referring to? The last time I bought a sno-cone there with a friend, a bird took a big 'ol doo-doo in hers....sorry, that was totally random but you brought it up first - HA!!!

Tammy Brown said...

That postere thing is called a Marquee. The pictures are great. Also love the commentary. You are great to work with.

j.ro said...

i'm all caught up on reading now. do you have time to edit my photos :o)