Monday, July 27, 2009


So, I started my day as I do with Google Reader (which OMG, if you love reading blogs, and hello, you're here!, then you should SO be using this thing), and there was a post from Photojojo that I found pretty cute and useful and wanted to share. (Click me!)

In case you're like me and get annoyed when you click through to things you don't really want to read, let me cut and paste for you the opening lines, which sold me:

"So, you want to start a photo business…

Excellent! Will it be a mad whirl of fame, fortune and glitterati?

Or will it be a money-suckin’, nail-bitin’, cuss-mutterin’ festival of frustration?"

Ha! I love Photojojo--it's a great site and they have some fun little projects you can do with your pictures, which is fun for a crafty-type like myself. Plus, I just thought this was such a good, timely post because I know a lot of people who are thinking of getting into photography--the cost of digital cameras has come down, especially at the beginner level, and I think that the economy has people considering ways to make a little extra money. I obviously enjoy my photography business, but it most definitely is not easy, and I thought this post did an awesome job of showing a balanced view of positives and negatives.

No pictures this time, just a little link sharing, but I had an AWESOME weekend and I took a ton of photos! We saw Harry Potter at the Hollywood Boulevard on Friday, which you Indianapolis folk will know as the Chicagoland counterpart of the now (sadly) out-of-business Hollywood Bar and Filmworks, and we did like it, although it was highly condensed and probably would've been hard to follow if we hadn't read the book. On Saturday, we went to Target and had Rock Bottom for lunch, and then headed to the city to hang out with Amy and Daniel--we went bowling (pics of that!) and watched True Blood. And on Sunday, our friend Tony came in and made us breakfast (no pics, unfortunately), and then we took Flashy to the dog park and went to the lakefront (pics of both!). We had some Dairy Queen and later some Mexican food and watched yet more True Blood. Seriously, Sundays in the city are becoming about my favorite thing in the world--if only I'd remembered my swimsuit! So start getting excited--I should have those up in just a couple days! Woo!

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The Way EYE See It... said...

"Sundays in the City" -- sounds like some elegant (read: snooty) brunch cruise on the lake! ;)

Glad you're living it up up there. When are you coming down this way?

I entered 3 photos in the State Fair...I like how they turned out.