Monday, August 31, 2009

Alex is kicking it off for us!

Oooohhhh ... it's going to be a MAJOR couple of days here at the blog. We've got a sneak peek of Alex now, pictures of a kiddo coming up later today, and Ashley and Kyle's wedding tomorrow. And I've got all kinds of stuff that I'm working on behind the scenes, including Phil and Mary Ann's wedding, so be sure to come back often! :)

But for now, we can't keep Alex (and her mom) in much more suspense. They're SO excited to see these. And as you know, I have a strict policy of NOT showing the best pics in the sneak previews, because otherwise there's nothing exciting to come back for. So keep that in mind when you see this gorgeous photo--THERE ARE BETTER ONES. Isn't that crazy? But it's true.


Alex and I worked together in the first office I was in when I moved up to the Chicago area, and we still talk every day at work, usually via IM. She's part coworker that I vent to, part little sister, and totally fun. We've been talking about taking pictures of her since last winter, which is completely insane, and we've been trying to do it all summer, but the weather has just NOT been cooperating.

Since Alex and I worked together, I've transferred offices in my company (and am about to do it again), and Alex took a position as a floater, so one day she was out at my office and I brought my camera, and we were determined to make something happen, so we spent an hour or two just running around the parking garage, taking pictures and playing around. And they're AWESOME. I was looking over them and I commented to Billy, this is just going to be too easy. I can't WAIT for you to see what else we got.

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