Friday, August 7, 2009

Who's that hot piece?


Oh yeah, that's right, it's me! Billy took this nice shot of me and Flash while we were at the dog beach, and it was actually kind of a revelation because I saw a picture of myself where I didn't cry or launch into a pit of despair and self-loathing. I've lost around 15 pounds, which is pretty major, and most of it is from switching to diet sodas*, which as everyone who knows me knows, is a MAJOR sacrifice**. So right now, I'm happy enough with how I look--I'm not interested in working out, and I actually don't eat too bad as is, and I'm still losing weight, just at a MUCH slower pace, so I'm not stressing about it or really putting much effort in right now, and it's nice to feel so good again! Billy is allowed to take my picture all the time now.

And do you not love my bangs in that picture? Seriously! Bangs were like, the greatest idea ever. (I can't wait to go back and read that statement in 15 years and be like, girl, what were you thinking?!?!)

Also, I like how I'm simultaneously a tiny bit chubby but also still a lot bit gangly/awkward. Hahahaha! I have the funniest body of all time. :) I like to tell people I'm built like Tweedle Dee (and thus set them up for the Tweedle Dum joke).

You know, there was actually a point to blogging today, besides just analyzing my weird body and weight loss methods, and reminding all of us that yes, I took Flashy to the dog beach and no, I still haven't edited the pictures. And that point was to tell you that I am going to be CRAZY busy for the next ten days, and I just apologize right now. E-mailing will take me a little while longer than normal, and if you place print orders, they'll be a little slow as well.

But you guys, there is SO much to look forward to this week, which will translate to things for you to look forward to on the blog. The next ten days hold for me: Kyle and Ashley's wedding! Kyle and the gang are family friends, so my entire family will be there watching me work, which is a first! You know I'm going to have to swat my mom away while she tells me how cute I look taking pictures. Maybe I can convince my dad to get her one of those bungee leashes they put on kids so he can keep it under control. And then the next day, we're going to do Kyle and Ashley's day after session the next morning before the hit the road for their honeymoon, and I am BEYOND excited about that. I haven't done one yet with a groom in his tux!

I'm taking a week off of work, which is awesome but it's going to be the most whirlwind vacation of all time. Me and Billy are going to go down to Evansville for a couple days to visit his fam and to take them some Garrett popcorn (seriously, it's like the easiest way in the world to be the most popular couple in town, and we are exploiting it for all it's worth), and then we're venturing back up to Indy to hang out, do the drive-in (they're showing Orphan, YAY!--we used our passes for Funny People instead, but it works out since I looooooooooooove horror movies at the drive-in!), hit the State Fair, and then coming back to Chicago for a senior portrait session on Friday, the wedding of the gorgeous/funny/fun/smart/sweet Mary Ann & Phil on Saturday, and then one-year-old pics on Sunday, followed by Sunday Funday! Whew!

All I can say is that I'll sleep when I'm dead. :) But I'm SO excited, I cannot wait. And there'll be plenty of blog excitement to keep you all entertained. YAY!

*(and some additional help from, which I highly recommend and props to Mindy Cooper for introducing me to it).

**The only reason I think that this is still going on is because of Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet A&W Cream Soda. Otherwise, the only variety I would have is Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. Well done, my friends at DP and A&W. I would pour one out for you, but I am too busy drinking it and too selfish to give it up. :)


Gail said...

Ahhh..Sarah, this blog post makes me miss seeing that smile of yours in person! You look GREAT! ANd your long hair is awesome too!!

Good luck at your wedding - you'll do fab!!

Ahow said...

Maybe you should tease up those bangs in honor of John Hughes... RIP...

Lynn said...

Your blog always makes me smile. :)

You are looking good!