Thursday, November 1, 2007

Andrew & Kelly: Engagement

Andrew and Kelly were the first people to book me for 2008. This obviously means that they are WAY on top of things, and this certainly did not end there, as they showed up for their engagement pictures with the backseat packed full of clothes, shoes, belts, ties, jewelry ... you name it. That was super fun for me, since it was like playing vicarious dress up, and that was one of my favorite games as a kid.
Okay, so you can't necessarily tell from this picture, but they were both up in that tree. And I do not mean just one foot on the ground, leaning in ... there was climbing involved. And this is when Kelly really won my heart. Do you know ... that girl CLIMBED A TREE wearing heels. And not just heels, but like ... HEELS. As I am already 5'9" and think that I am tall enough, I don't wear heels and think they're hard to just walk in. So when she started up the tree in those things and made Andrew follow her ... I know this chick was hardcore.

Purple flowers! That's the wedding color.

This one was taken in front of the most amazing fall flowers you have ever seen. I cannot resist the bright colors.

Now, if you're an Indiana photographer there are two obligatory backgrounds that you will do at some point, probably often. The skyline shot is one of them ...
... and this is the other! But come on, it is too perfect NOT to.

More purple flowers!

I am a sucker for perspective shots like these. And don't you just love her jacket? It's so cute and Euro.

This picture turned out SO cute because they were both laughing at me. I had asked Andrew to show me what it would look like if he put HIS feet in the air. Needless to say, it was not the pose of a guy about to marry such a hot girl.

Great light here. And I know I've been raving on about how cute these two are, but I don't think I've said yet how pretty Kelly's hair is. It's like that perfect shiny hair that you know she doesn't have to do anything to and it's never been touched with color yet looks like shampoo commercial hair. So jealous. And yet I do love my hair dye. I think this girl is going to make a phenomenally beautiful bride. Andrew is a lucky guy!

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