Thursday, November 1, 2007

Megan: Bridal

So, as some of you know, my boyfriend (and assistant) Billy is an advertising copywriter. And I remember him once telling me that people have a real tendency to fall in love with their own BS. And today, that is me, because I am absolutely in love with these pictures. I think they are perfect and beautiful and wonderful, and nothing is going to change my mind. Of course, that is due in no small part to Megan, who is one of the best models I've ever had, and not only because she's beautiful but because she was relaxed, had fun, and was up for anything. And also, Natalie (her sister and fellow hot babe) was along for the ride and helped me out majorly by making Megan laugh whenever I asked her to. This was such a fun day.
This is my current favorite picture and will be the first one you see when my new website launches. Natalie called it The Secret Garden, which totally fits, and all the pictures taken there were pure gold.

Somehow, we hit the jackpot with the little alley where this door was located and a lot of the pictures below are from that same area. Megan saw that door and said, "I kind of like that door. Is that a cool door?" Girl read my mind.

This is the fence that we stopped at the eventually led to the magic alley.

Love the contrast here. I'm noticing that the coloring is a little different when I load onto the blog. Normally, this one's a little more blue green, which I prefer. Still love it, though.

Yeah, this place is still operational, which tells you what kind of neighborhood we were in. Megan is laughing here because it was the first of many times she got hollered at while doing this shoot.

The Abbey. I finally found the perfect lighting, and I love the menu in the background. I'm debating lightening this one up a bit, but I sort of like the moody look. Any thoughts?

Definitely in response to me demanding, "Natalie, be funny!"

Honestly, who just has a fabulous teal and purple school bus sitting around? Whoever they are, I would like to shake their hand.

One of those things that transports bit plates of glass.

Ummmm ... she is definitely laughing here about an off-color remark about something that had just happened. See the next and final picture for that ridiculous story.

Okay, so I see this door and it is beautiful and amazing and I just HAVE to take a picture in front of it. But there's a lot of trash around, including a bag of pork rinds. So I go over to bravely move the pork rinds out of the frame, when I say, "Be careful, there's a lot of glass over here. And flies ..." And that is when I noticed that, apparently, whoever had been eating the pork rinds had a pretty serious bathroom emergency that they just ... didn't leave for. This picture totally proves what a pro Megan is, not only for standing that close, but also for keeping a straight face.

One of the things that I loved so much about this shoot was getting to do some exploring. I loved all the rundown buildings with their quirky and unique doors and paint jobs, and some of the odd props that we found along the way. The creative control that Megan allowed me was really kind of her, but also just really energizing for me. I always love taking pictures, but I left this shoot really thrilled with the entire process in a way that was just very exciting for me. I felt opened up to a lot of new possibilities, ideas, colors, poses ... you name it. Just the kind of inspiration that every artist dreams of. So thank you, Megan. :)


design for mankind. said...

LOOOOOOVE this session, and LOOOOVE your new blog. Congrats! :)

amdawson said...

this is a cool blog! keep"posted!"

this session with megan seems to have been a good one. i like these shots.

gwyneth colleen said...

wow...yeah, the light in the abbey IS totally perfect.

this whole session is found some GEM locations, girl!

Emilie said...

amazing pictures of my gorgeous baby sister.

Megan said...

I love these captured just the right moments in an afternoon filled with obviously rare and unusual ones.

I noticed later to that most of the background colors are shetler blue (my favorite color, amity might have to explain that one)!

thank you, again

Melinda said...

I have a question - how do you keep wedding dresses from getting dirty during photo shoots? Are your brides really sitting on something? I just looking at these found her really brave that she sat on the ground in an alley! Seems dirty..