Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Erin & James: Engagement

Erin and James! If you guys remember Rob & Danielle, the couple from the very first blog post, she found me through Erin, who was also in her wedding. Awesome! I love the word of mouth thing, and I also love getting to see people more than once. Perfect! Erin and James are my first wedding of next year (so far!), in March, and I think it's fun that we are having fall engagement pictures and spring wedding pictures. And these pics ... very fall. We were at the art museum right around peak leaf weekend, and the weather was perfect.
So here's the happy couple in piggyback formation. And this is the nice one, before he tried to chuck her over the side, which cracked me up. And also made me feel a little woozy--you know I'm afraid of heights!

Erin is one of those very skinny people with delicate features who you can flatter from any angle, which makes me just a tiny bit jealous until the photographer within takes over and thinks about how it'll be awesome to play with different perspectives on them at their wedding, since James also has a nice strong jawline. Yay for couples with nice profiles!

The classic walking over the bridge shot. You know I like these. But again, not everyone looks great from behind, so this is fun for me. Plus, Erin especially has spent a lot of time at the art museum and knew of some cool out-of-the-way places to go, which are destined to become new favorites for me. So, note to future high-heel wearing brides--bring some comfy shoes! As a sidenote, which there seems to always be a few of in these blogs, huh--the older I get, the more I realize how hot high heels are. I'm still kind of shy about wearing them since I'm so tall, but I am trying to get over it since a.) my boyfriend is 6'3" and I won't tower over him and b.) they are just so sexy and feminine. Plus, I really think if I made it an entire day without tripping, it would rank in the top 5 of my life's accomplishments.

In this one, I suggested that James dip her, which I think might have to be one of my new go-to moves, because there is something about dipping that brings out the hotness. I mean, think about it--it's all very fairytale. The girl hangs in the balance, depending on the big strong man to not let her fall, and then he rescues her and brings her back to safety. And for just a second, I think you have no choice but to forget that this is 2007 and that there are girls who want to open their own doors and the Prince Charming and Rapunzel inside of us wins out. I mean, look at his face! It says it all.

Okay, now this picture ... this picture. Sigh. This is going to go down as one of my favorites of the year, at least. The thing about the art museum is that it's really pretty, but also there are always TONS of photographers around doing the exact same things that you are, so you can get a little insecure that you're not really doing anything original. Or at least I do, since I worry about things like that. But then there are also little hidden gems, like this area, which is the perfect fall picture between the sun shining through the leaves on the trees and the leaves on the ground. And doesn't this look like the cover of a movie or some romance novel or something? I just cannot get over how pretty it is. And also, don't ask me where it is for two reasons: First of all, no chance I could give you accurate directions anyway, and secondly, if I give away all my secrets there will be no reason for anyone to hire me anymore. :)

A lot of times I end up making people accidentally do things, either because I'm yelling at them from far away or because I'm sometimes not awesome at verbal communication, which I blame on my mouth not keeping up with my brain, which leads to me skipping important details sometimes. Anyway, this was one such incident, where I didn't really intend to make them climb over the bushes, but I sort of liked how it turned out anyway, so ... serendipitous!

And, because we were at the art museum ... Yeah, you know it. :)


James M said...

I like "the light in the trees on the asphalt path" and "the fountain error" the best!

Rianne said...

People should read this.