Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rob & Danielle: Wedding

Let me just say, Rob and Danielle are an awesome couple to kick off the blog with. I have had so much fun with them from the get-go, including the scorching hot day that we took their engagement pictures. And they actually have a really neat story. They were high school sweethearts until he dumped her, which I already know she is NEVER going to let him forget. He got married to someone else but that didn't work out and they ended up finding each other again after all these years! (Well, not ALL these years--they're only in their early 30's!) So at their wedding, they had their old prom picture up, and the ringbearer's pillow was made from her prom dress. How fun and cute!
This is the perfect picture to show how fun these two were. This was taken during the maid of honor's toast.

Apparently, Rob is a big milk drinker (sick!) and decided that it was his wedding and he could have milk if he wanted to. So yes, that whole carafe is his, and yes, he drank straight out of it.

These are Danielle's friends from college doing karaoke with her. They are all fantastic singers who were in the music program together at DePauw. I love all their faces here, and I think that shortly after was when Danielle took off flying around the room like a little kid playing airplane. Except more gracefully.

Ah, the good old classic ring shot.

This one was one of my favorites, because it's cute and fun and funny, and involves the piano (because as I said, music is really important to Danielle), but also because of how happy she looks and how Rob is looking at her. Who DOESN'T want to be looked at that way? And one of my favorite things about this wedding and one of the reasons I was so excited to do it was because it is always totally obvious how much they love each other, and it comes through in pictures. And that makes my selfish photographer heart REALLY happy.

Cake shot! Nothing overly exciting, but I did like the very black background. Those are windows leading outside, where the rest of the party was held, but it was too dark to get great pictures. Fortunately though, most of the action was inside, centered around food and karaoke.

This is Rob with the flower girl, and come on! This is the cutest shot in the world.

Cutting the cake! I told you the excitement was around the food! Plus, look at the concentration on her face while he just kind of goes with the flow. You KNOW she's the one in charge of how the cake cutting is going down. Also, at one point during the receiving line, I looked over and noticed how much Rob and Danielle are like her parents--she's very animated and extroverted, and he's quiet and looks perpetually amused at the madness around him.

Oh, man, don't you just love that color? This was also one of my favorites, and I thought Danielle's eyes looked AMAZING here. Also, she had on sparkly fake eyelashes which are something that I MUST have before I die.

Thank you, Rob and Danielle, for letting me and Billy take part in the big day! We had a lot of fun, loved how the pictures turned out, and also learned the valuable lesson of not asking your boyfriend to snag you some cake while he's wearing all black unless you want him to be mistaken for a waiter. :)

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Bob and Rita Hauck said...

Danielle and Rob! We have just read through your Blog... loving all of the pictures..... smiling all the time... and bottom line, we LOVED being a part of your wedding celebration! We love you both and are so happy for you!
We look forward to having the two of you in our home so we can make many wonderful memories just like the great memories we have from the past 14 years since we met you, Danielle, at DePauw! Much love and many prayers for you both!
Bob and Rita Hauck