Monday, September 29, 2008

Amy, Who Loved Bowling

(As far as I know, Amy does not, in fact, love bowling. However, we did just go see a midnight showing of The Big Lebowski this weekend, which should either explain everything or nothing.)

I occasionally mention Amy on my blog and I know that everyone in my normal life (as opposed to my photography life) who reads this knows her, but in case you don't, Amy is my soulmate. Whereas Billy and I are sort of one of those "opposites attract" situations, Amy and I are ... well, loud. And we both laugh at the same things, maniacally, and can agree that we are, both individually and collectively, hilarious. And this is important in a good friendship.

Plus, she plans activities for my dog when he comes to visit.


Immediately after this picture, Billy told Amy that she looked awesome--like an In Living Color fly girl. Which led to her laughing, which led to an awesome picture that I loved and she hated so I didn't post it. It also led to many variations on the fly girl pose, with a "gang symbol" that means absolutely nothing ... but the first one was best.


This one is now Amy's Facebook picture, which is awesome and makes me feel a little famous. Also, I don't think I ever mentioned that I've been drinking the Facebook Kool-Aid (oooohhhh yeah!) for awhile now, but if anyone wants to be my friend ... that would be awesome!


I love this. The only thing about it is that I wish you could see it huge because the eyes are really fantastic. It's weird, people in pictures sometimes cease to be people to me and they become elements. Does that make sense? I know it used to happen to me in art class when I'd have to draw people too. Anyway, the mood of this is perfect to me.


Awww, and here's Amy at brunch! She was chatting with Billy and he's entertaining enough to keep her distracted, and I really liked this ... looks so natural.

These shots were fun for me ... we didn't really do that many and I pretty much just hauled my camera along as we went to the midnight movie and then the next morning for brunch. And it was nice of Amy to humor me. Plus ... everybody needs pictures of themselves, you know? I mean, it's 2008, everyone does everything on the internet--like I said, one of these has already migrated to Facebook, which is great. And besides that ... you get pictures taken when you're 18, and then not again until you're married. And in that time, you might forget how gorgeous you are. Nothing like foxy pictures to remind you.

Everybody be sure to comment. It keeps me motivated to keep blogging. :)


Amy said...

Yes, I do love bowling.

And I love these pictures. And I love your description of me.

Yer the sex.

Gail said...

These are so fun! I love Amy's cute glasses and hat but you are right - her eyes (and smile) have it all!

Well done Sarah, well done. :)

James M said...

laughing maniacally is the hallmark of someone who is your soulmate.

The "Fly Girl" comment made me laugh...I totally know what he means!

Word homey. Be careful since you never know what hand sign (or color) is a gang sign...that's what I learned while growing up in Chitown: I learned to be fearful.

bejohnse said...

All I can say is Amy=HOTT.