Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures of Not People

As things slow down for me in my photography life, as they tend to do in the winter, I find myself looking forward to shooting pictures of whatever I want, whether it's blurry lights on a road, shoes flung over a telephone line, or the cattails that I pass on my way to work (yes please, and soon). These were both from Alex's session--I usually end up with a few random shots of things I like while I'm out shooting, and people have so far all been extremely kind about indulging me.



I had expected to have Carrie and Mike's photos posted tomorrow, but a few unexpected things happened this week and the new ETA is Sunday. I'm getting excited, are you?

1 comment:

lynn said...

The colors in that second image are so tropical feeling. I can't believe that was shot in Illinois, even if it is a regular tree in the silhouette and not a palm tree. :) Beautiful!