Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sarah and Corey: Part B

Do you guys like my title? It is, as my old roommate Amity would say, an inside joke with myself. I named the posts Part Uno and Part B, because I love that part in Home Alone so much when Buzz is giving a list of why Kevin is fine by himself in the house, and he numbers it "A", "2", and "D", which I have always found hilarious.

Y'all, I am a pop culture junkie. I can't help it. I don't want to help it. I just want to acknowledge it. :)

Anyway, I only forgot two pictures, but they are really important and you need to see them and lavish your love upon them. Ready? Go.


Sarah pre-wedding. Looking gorgeous and amazing and beautiful and marvelous.


And this one? Perfect. He's waiting for her to come down the aisle. And as a photographer, this is kind of the moment you live for.

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Lynn (West Park Photo) said...

I've been a bad blog reader and poster lately, so I apologize! You did a great job with this wedding! Your segue into horror movies cracked me up. I've spend the last three days obsessively reading the Twlight books, to the extreme annoyance of Andy, who I have barely talked to while I'm reading. Yay for teenage vampire romance. Getting me all nostalgic from my goth high school days. :)